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Void Wisp is an ambient arcade runner where you earn points by coming close to obstacles without crashing.

You are a wisp. A collection of random energy that has coalesced into a sentient form. You float through the great nothingness that permeates existences, skimming off aether from the whatever that is nearby.

The gameplay is simple. You have two buttons; one moves you up and the other lets you glide. Typically you'll be holding the glide button to slow your descent when an obstacle comes near so you can grind along the top or bottom for points. The closer you are the more points you'll earn. You'll crash if the center of the Wisp contacts an obstacle.

Below is a short overview of how this game works.


  • Simple gameplay that’s easy to pick up and hard to master. Designed for both short spurts and long sessions. 
  • 4 Game Modes each with a unique twist.
    • In Classic Mode you’ll start to lose points the farther you go, so you want to get as many as quickly as possible.
    • In Caravan Mode you have one minute to score as much as possible. Crashing will lower the amount of time you have.
    • Survival Mode is the most complex mode. A timer is always ticking down but can be refilled by collecting luster and having a high multiplier. The game gets faster and you earn more points the further you make it.
    • In Traveler Mode there are 40 premade levels each with 5 goals to complete. You will face unique obstacles not found in the other modes.
  • Accessibility options that let you customize the game’s looks, controls, and difficulty.
    • You can change the appearance of the game and character to better suit what makes you comfortable.
    • Supports mouse, keyboard, and gamepad. All with fully remappable controls!
  • Dreamy ambient music that partially reacts to how you play.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Quick question if this page is still being watched: in traveler mode stage 21 laser maze it says there should be a single luster to pick up (even has a goal associated with it) but I just don't see it anywhere. Is there a trick to it or am I just blatantly missing something?

Oh interesting... So I looked in the game and didn't see it. So I actually had to check the game code and it turns out the place where the luster is supposed to be is commented out. haha. Oops.

Unfortunately, I can't just push an update for it at the moment. Void Wisp was made in Gamemaker: Studio 1.4 and I no longer have that installed. Converting the project to 2.3 other than to look at the code is more of an undertaking than I have time for. What I will likely do is download 1.4 again and fix it.

Please let me know if you find any thing else like this!

Thank you!


I'm just glad that I wasn't going nuts, I was going "maybe I need to go through the openings in a certain order..." but nothing else in the game was really like that. Don't feel the need to update solely for my account (it's a fairly linear stage, I figure I'd have probably gotten it within a few attempts) but do know that I did finish up the rest of traveler mode and everything else was accounted for.

Anyways game was neat. I stuck mainly with the premade levels as I work better with definite goals to work towards and thought they were decent bite-sized challenges to take on.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I wrote up a very long blog about the design philosophies behind Void Wisp.


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I wrote up a little (ie very long) dev log about the new patch and going to SIX2016


Hey. I have a new video showcasing some of the procedural music: Check it out here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Hv4EsJUfKo


This is sooo haard! But an interesting break from the common flappy bird clones recently.


Hey! Thanks for doing a video! This game should be regularly updated so feel free to check back in again to see how things have changed.