A color and shape tile matching game by D. W. O'Boyle



Match tiles by clicking and holding the mouse then dragging to a matching tile. Tiles can be matched to create "lines" in any 8 directions as long as the current tile and next tile share either shape or color. Lines can curve and do not need to be in a single direction. You can start going right, then up, then diagonal, then down, as long as the line wouldn't cross itself you make the match. You need at least 5 tiles to make a successful line.


There are currently three modes in the game.

Endless Mode

In Endless Mode the bar along the bottom of the game board will slowly decrease. Making lines will fill it back up. When that bar is completely empty the game will end.

Rush Mode

In Rush Mode you are given 2 minutes to get the highest score you can. The board starts with all 6 shapes and colors, but long lines are rewarded more in this mode then any other. Once the timer runs out you get your LAST CHANCE to make a line. You can take as long as you'd like here but only get one shot. Once you make a line in LAST CHANCE the game ends.

Limited Match Mode:

In Limited Match you are given 25 lines to get the highest score you can. It is completely turn based and is a lot more strategic and slower paced than the other two modes.


This game is still very much in development. I don't have most of the art assets done and am really focusing on getting the mechanics right. There is still a lot left for me too do. I would love to bring this game other platforms but that is just not possible right now as I can only develop and test on PC and browsers. If you have any feedback please get in contact with me on twitter @dwoboyle.

This game was inspired by Thomas Bowker's, LYNE. I encourage you all to go check out and play that game as it's pretty damn rad. I happened upon it on Steam, played it for about 10 hours, and the idea for this game popped out.

Most Recent Build:

  • New matching sounds. Added first run tile dropping sounds. These still aren't the final sounds. The matching sounds need a bit of balancing it seems for some reason and the tile dropping sounds need more variety.
  • First run title graphics.
  • Added graphical indication when you can complete a line. Now after matching 5 tiles in a line they will get a white boarder around them.
  • Updated Rush Mode to include a LAST CHANCE mechanic. When you run out of time you have one more chance to make the longest line you can. Once you release the game ends.
  • Anything else I'm forgetting!


  • When first muting sounds the tile drop sound will play once.
  • (3/20/2019) The game seems to now take a very long time to load and may lockup your computer until it's done.


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