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This is my submission for the GiantROM5 jam. This game was inspired by all the streams they do of competitive puzzle games like Money Puzzle Exchanger or Tetris Battle Gaiden. It's not really themed after or has any real references to Giant Bomb. I probably wouldn't be a game dev without Giant Bomb. They're stuff is a constant source of inspiration and discovery.

Now! About this game:
It's Match 3 meets Breakout. I didn't have time to add powerups or music. Too busy watching EVO. 
Players have 99 seconds to score more points than the other player. If their ball falls off the screen 3 times they lose. 
Blocks spawn endlessly. If they reach the bottom, it's fine. Don't worry about it, kiddo.

It's highly encouraged you use the gamepad! It should work for both players. 

- Xbox -
D-pad/R-stick - Move paddle
X,B - Aim Ball
A - Launch Ball
- Playstation -
D-pad/R-stick - Move paddle
Square,Circle - Aim Ball
X - Launch Ball


- Player 1 -
A,D     = Move paddle
Q,E or W,S = Aim ball
Space    = Launch Ball
- Player 2 -
Left,Rigt = Move paddle
<,> or Up,Down = Aim ball
Control    = Launch Ball


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